Make saving and building wealth effortless

With Aurem, become financially secure at every stage of life through personal savings and investment account, offering financial planning, saving, investment, and money management tools - even after leaving your employer.

Your financial partner for every stage of life

Aurem helps employees in the UAE with several key aspects of financial wellbeing

Savings and investments

Aurem provides employees with access to financial planning, saving, investment and money management tools, helping them to plan for their financial future and achieve their goals. It also offers a range of investment options for employees to choose from.

Retirement planning

Aurem helps employees plan for their retirement by providing access to retirement savings and investment plans. It also provides financial education and resources to help employees understand the importance of retirement planning and how to create a plan that works for them.

End of service benefits

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Aurem helps employees understand their rights and ensures that they are receiving what they are entitled to. It also assist in the process of EOSB calculation, and help employees in claiming their EOSB.

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How Aurem works

Effortless financial planning

With Aurem, financial planning becomes easy, and you can focus on your priorities and achieve your financial goals.

Sign up

Your employer signs you up and creates a savings plan, including matching contributions.

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Income and Expense Tracking

We assist you in tracking your income and expenses, calculating the difference between the two.

Prioritize Your Goals

Whether it's saving for a house, planning for retirement or building an emergency fund, we'll help you identify your financial goals and priorities.

Invest for Growth

Our investment options help you achieve your short, medium and long-term goals by growing the gap between your income and expenses.

If my employee doesn't feel financially well, I can almost guarantee that they don't feel emotionally secure as well. And at the end of the day, that impacts my productivity and the company's bottom line.
Kaveh Gharachorlou
Head of People, Further Ventures