Building Financial Security and Simplifying Financial Products

Aurem's goal is to address the lack of easy access to means for achieving a financially secure future for expatriates that work in the private sector in the UAE. Additionally, it aims to simplify financial products and make them more accessible by using simplicity as a guiding principle in everything it does.

We help people make better financial decisions and achieve their lifetime goals

Aurem's belief is in the Nudge theory and it is using it to steer people towards making choices that are in their own best interest, without limiting their freedom of choice or resorting to coercion. The vision is to build financial security, simplifying financial products and build technology that makes it easier for people to achieve their financial goals throughout every stage of their life.

Building Financial Security

Offering a workplace savings platform that helps

Encourage saving before getting paid
Building wealth
Positive financial outcomes

Simplifying financial products

Using simplicity as a guiding principle

Questioning the status quo
Simplicity in thinking, content, products, and pricing
Making it easy for people to achieve their financial goals

Whole of wealth, whole of life

Building technology that makes it easier for people to achieve their financial goals

Throughout every stage of life
Easier access to financial products
Personalized financial plans

Born from deep expertise

We’ve got a wealth of experience across finance, technology and investment.

Michael Watkins
Founder & CEO
Anthony Laibe
Mohammed Bashkeel
Board Member
Deniz Güven
Board Member
Peter Lejre
Board Member
Dr. Russell Read
Ada Gupta
Sr. UX/UI Designer
Aminat Moldalieva
Frontend Developer
Jakub Bohacek
Frontend Developer
Johanna Kruger
Head of Commercial Operations & Strategy
Kunal Gosrani
Backend Engineer
Ronald Koornneef
QA Engineer/CISO

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